This type of healing can be used as a complementary (not alternative) to other medical or psychological treatments, acting to reduce side effects from chemotherapy, surgery & invasive procedures often shortening healing time, reducing pain & stress.

A balancing of the chakras also takes place while healing. These chakras feed energy to the physical and other bodies When out of balance, which can be caused by disease and trauma, symptoms
such as lethargy, stress, anxiety, depression are but a few.

A sense of imbalance in your life often reflects an imbalance in the chakras.

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese healing technique, excellent for stress reduction and relaxation which also promotes natural healing.

It was originally discovered by Dr Mikao Usui early in the 1900’s.

REI is known to mean universal or more accurately interpreted higher knowledge or spiritual consciousness. This higher self or god consciousness is all knowing, It knows the
cause of all problems & knows how to heal them.

KI means life energy, chi in Chinese or prana in Sanskrit. This vital non physical energy is in all living things, when KI is low or restricted in its flow you are more vulnerable to dis-ease.

KI is the primary energy of our emotions, thoughts & spiritual life.

Within the healing, the universal energy called REI guides the life energy called KI through the energy system.

I look forward to receiving your call for this complementary therapy.


Master/teacher training dates for those who have done some Reiki training with me before, or can show competence in their Reiki to master level.

21st/22nd/23rd January 2020