Spiritual Healing

I am a full healer member of the National Federation of  Spiritual Healers and offer this holistic, natural and complementary therapy for anyone who may be suffering physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.

A very peaceful & calming energy, channeling through the healer to the client, working to revitalize, relax & release at a profound level. The energy is drawn to where it is most needed so that the body can heal in a way that is appropriate for the client and at their individual pace.

A balancing of the chakras also takes place while healing. These chakras feed energy to the physical & other bodies. When out of balance, which can be caused by disease & trauma, symptoms such as lethargy, stress, anxiety, depression are but a few.
A sense of imbalance in your life often reflects an imbalance in the chakras.
Spiritual healing helps in restoring balance in your life, whether terminally ill, in a crisis or you just feel you would like an hour of relaxation & your time. This complementary therapy could be what you need.