Self Empowerment

This is guided to men and women who feel they want to understand more of themselves by looking deeper into their mind body and spirit. Finding out how they work at a deeper level.

By clearing blocks we are able to change everyday situations, look at events in a more positive way, enhancing our individual power for the benefit od our own well being.

Trust in our own judgement not relying so heavily on others.

Encompassing our sense of power and self worth.

Clearly focus on goals in our life, and finish what we start.

Be more comfortable in our own skin enjoying a fuller happier contented life.

My belief is that every individual is a perfect being. Once we can release blocks of resistance, negative energy that darkens our thoughts, then we can again flourish into our greatest potential, and truly give and receive from all around us.

This can be offered in pairs (couples accepted) & small groups, are once a week over ten weeks, weekend courses are also sometimes available.

For further information contact Wendy Townsend – 07989 680310

What others thought of past courses.

Wendy many thanks for helping me to see a little more deeply inside myself, I’ve appreciated your warm, gentle, unpressured guidance and wisdom. Hope to learn more from you in the future.


What a beautiful lovely person you are. You have been so caring and supportive of all of us and I look forward to working with you again.


Thank you for your patience, understanding, wisdom love and guidance, I’ve really enjoyed the group very much.


Wendy your spirituality is amazing – you are such a talented person with huge understanding, much appreciation of your warmth and direction.


Much appreciation of your warmth and direction, you have been so caring and supportive of all of us, this has allowed me to open myself to more than I thought possible before, becoming far more aware of patterns in my life that I can now change.

The weekend course has been inspirational and has given me the fantastic tools for life. Everything was so valuable and you, as always create such a positive and purposeful atmosphere. I cannot thank you enough for giving me the opportunity which I will treasure for all my life on this plane and beyond.

The weekend of guided self help and group meditation was an emotive and enlightening experience that was thoroughly appropriate and facilitated the needs of all involved. Wendy spiritually (and professionally) guided us as a group of individuals on a 2 day journey of self discovery, clearing paths of blocks and resistance that weeded out old beliefs through a range of exercises and meditations.

Illuminating, invaluable understanding and learning, it taught me tools that have enhanced my sense of well being and better manage my expectations by being true to self.

Thank you Wendy and all of the group.


Have you felt recently with all the rushing of everyday life, that it might be nice to have some relaxing you time?

Just as you may take a soak in the bath when you’re body is in need of relaxation and rejuvenation. meditation allows your mind to have that bath too.

Taking time out from all the clutter and activity of  everyday life, to sooth away the rigours of the day.

Being gently taken on a relaxing journey of discovery.

These Meditations help you to find out a little more about you, gently healing your mind body and soul.

Wendy privately teaches breath, chakra, energy work of various levels, this can be on a one to one basis, or in small groups.

For further information contact Wendy Townsend – 07989 680310

Future Life Progression

This therapy is helpful to those clients that have received Past Life Regression, are comfortable with the process.  Releasing past issues and beliefs and are now looking to their future in a clearer light.

By coming to an understanding of your past you can then begin to change your future.

Future Life Progression is very useful when you are struggling to make life changing decisions.

What of your future? What path should you take? Maybe it’s a career choice? Unsure of a relationship? The question could be should you move house?

This complementary therapy can help you to make your own decisions with confidence from your soul level.

The right choices for you.

Rahanni Celestial Healing

The NEW healing modality for this “GOLDEN AGE OF AQUARIUS”

RA relates to the powerful ancient Egyptian sun god, Father of all creation, HANNI means favoured grace, together RAHANNI means “one of heart”.

I offer this healing connecting to TRUTH – LOVE – COMPASSION

Facilitating your journey of self discovery with love and light calling in the vibration of angels and archangels, helping to release fear based ways of thinking, negativity, working toward balancing of the bodies system, peace and relaxation.

Private one on one healing sessions last for one hour.

As a teacher of Rahanni I also offer practitioner and teacher training

For further information contact Wendy Townsend – 07989 680310

Lemurian Crystal Healing

Lemuria a civilization existing before Atlantis, highly developed spiritual beings connected to the matrix of all dimensions of consciousness who accepted their connection to higher planes of existence.

Connected to the heart and pure love, they worked with Lemurian crystals to heal and expand others awareness and knowing of their cosmic and Earth connection.

Each healing is unique to the individual using various Lemurian crystals which have been found in remote locations in areas such and Brazil & the Tibetan hills of the Himalayas

Whilst healing with these crystals they connect into the individuals energy field, which in turn connects with eart/cosmic magnetic field, balancing and awakening the individuals connection

Each crystal as well as embodying angelic and cosmic energy has physical ladder like striations which are unique to these crystals.

Spiritual Healing

I am a full healer member of the National Federation of  Spiritual Healers and offer this holistic, natural and complementary therapy for anyone who may be suffering physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.

A very peaceful & calming energy, channeling through the healer to the client, working to revitalize, relax & release at a profound level. The energy is drawn to where it is most needed so that the body can heal in a way that is appropriate for the client and at their individual pace.

A balancing of the chakras also takes place while healing. These chakras feed energy to the physical & other bodies. When out of balance, which can be caused by disease & trauma, symptoms such as lethargy, stress, anxiety, depression are but a few.
A sense of imbalance in your life often reflects an imbalance in the chakras.
Spiritual healing helps in restoring balance in your life, whether terminally ill, in a crisis or you just feel you would like an hour of relaxation & your time. This complementary therapy could be what you need.


This type of healing can be used as a complementary (not alternative) to other medical or psychological treatments, acting to reduce side effects from chemotherapy, surgery & invasive procedures often shortening healing time, reducing pain & stress.

A balancing of the chakras also takes place while healing. These chakras feed energy to the physical and other bodies When out of balance, which can be caused by disease and trauma, symptoms
such as lethargy, stress, anxiety, depression are but a few.

A sense of imbalance in your life often reflects an imbalance in the chakras.

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese healing technique, excellent for stress reduction and relaxation which also promotes natural healing.

It was originally discovered by Dr Mikao Usui early in the 1900’s.

REI is known to mean universal or more accurately interpreted higher knowledge or spiritual consciousness. This higher self or god consciousness is all knowing, It knows the
cause of all problems & knows how to heal them.

KI means life energy, chi in Chinese or prana in Sanskrit. This vital non physical energy is in all living things, when KI is low or restricted in its flow you are more vulnerable to dis-ease.

KI is the primary energy of our emotions, thoughts & spiritual life.

Within the healing, the universal energy called REI guides the life energy called KI through the energy system.

I look forward to receiving your call for this complementary therapy.


Master/teacher training dates for those who have done some Reiki training with me before, or can show competence in their Reiki to master level.

21st/22nd/23rd January 2020

Scaler Wave Lasers

Scaler Wave Lasers

I was originally born in Portsmouth, Hampshire in England, and later in my early twenties moved to Cheshire where I stayed for 25 years, In 2009 I moved back to Portsmouth re establishing my healing work in the South of England. I was a sickly child, having many challenges throughout my early life with allergies & intolerances which were not diagnosed, I had an accident at an early age which caused damage to my spine, being dyslexic which also was not acknowledged until half way through my schooling, this created much stress and anxiety.

My soul was looking for answers! in my mid twenties I started to receive them.

I suffered daily headaches as I was growing up, it became normal! part of my life! I was going through a particulally bad phase when someone suggested I visit a physiotherapist who was also a hands on healer, I was in a lot of pain so booked an appointment (sceptically) 2 visits in one week, and I started the journey of my new life. I had regular healing sessions for a while and was encouraged to take the steps to enhance my own capabilities as a healer which had been dormant through fear since a child.

**You can read MY PROFILE on this web site to bring my journey up to 2013.**

In 2013 my neck and back became painful again 20+ years after I saw my healer man, headaches started to build again, my yoga and healing helped, what was my body trying to tell me? where was my journey about to take me now?

I opened myself up to possibilities, 2 things came, ALOE VERA a healing plant, I know of its properties, used it externally but never internally, a company dropped in my lap, I started to drink it, and I now sell  the whole range of aloe vera. Anyone wishing to know more about aloe do feel you can contact me for a chat.

The second was the lasers, I was sceptical, I had met with a couple in London, casually swopped emails, they came to my health and wellbeing event in Portsmouth, my pain was increasing, we bumped into each other yet again some time later and I was encouraged to see if the lasers would help, 2 days after using them my headaches started to reduce and as I worked with the lasers my headaches became less and then went away.

If I feel tense, I pop the laser on unwind, the interesting thing is, the doctor sent me for an x ray around the same time, I have moderately severe damage to my c6 & c7, a mention of surgery in the future was not an enticing idea to me!

The cold lasers that I have which are FDA approved, are said by their producers to donate protons which increase adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production into the energy of your cells.

I can use the scaler wave units independently for unwinding and reducing tension in the body, or with light probes which I can attach to work at varying levels in my body. So if I want to work on skin and soft tissue or muscle and nerve I will use one probe, I will use another on my knee, helping to regenerate bone, which more scans show have been shaved away by an operation I had years ago, but interestingly since using the combination of lasers and other techniques I have gathered, I have been able to start playing sport again.

I believe after using the lasers on myself and learning more about their capabilities I am able to offer the best I can in all I do for my whole being at this time, and in the process offer all I can for my clients whether they come for physical, emotional, mental or spiritual wellbeing. I have grown into myself over many years, I have had and experienced many amazing life changing adventures, I am now closer to the real me than I have ever been and I am still emerging, The butterfly in me escapes from its cocoon more of the time now, and in those expansive moments I am free.

I offer 30 minute or 1 hour sessions with the lasers and 1 hour sessions for bespoke therapy with or without the lasers.

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A simple and safe muscle release therapy

It is used to address pain, discomfort, improve movement restrictions & work toward a positive emotional state.

EMM-Tech is a special form of body therapy that involves light finger pressure or switches as specific points on the body

Helping to release tightness in muscle groups and creating a flow in the lymphatic vessels

These are common sequences that enable gentle release for common problems such as neck, back, shoulder and leg pain. It can also often help with balance problems.

Results are usually immediate

Reflective Repatterning


Hating – cursing – rejecting – blaming – obsession – frustration


Tearful – depressed – feeling trapped – insecure – trust issues


Loving too much – too trusting – overly independent – obsessive

Conflict is often an unresolved emotional trauma, conflicting value or belief from past.


Reflective repatterning helps work toward balance and bring NEUTRALITY or free flow of energy (balance of yin and yang) when we have free flow, a calm occurs, NO friction, NO dis-ease.

Want to change the way you act in situations? change your life? then change your belief system!


Before meeting Wendy I was suicidal and stuck in my life struggling with severe anxiety, depression and eating disorders. After many years of trying different therapies and healing techniques, with little or no success, I was losing hope of finding a practise that worked for me. When Wendy suggested reflective repatterning, and explained how it worked, I was curious yet honestly a little bit skeptical, how could something so non invasive and seemingly simple have such dramatic effects on all levels?

I believed that I would need countless painful, emotional sessions to overcome the years of my built up negative emotions and paralysingly negative beliefs about myself and the world. However after just 1 session of lying calmly on a couch for 20 minutes, with Wendy softly talking to me, I was amazed at how I felt immediate results and a shift in my energy. The great thing about reflective repatterning is that you don’t have to delve into painful memories or experiences for a significant amount of time for it to work.

Wendy has helped me to neutralise my troublesome beliefs and I finally feel free to build new ones and create the life I desire. A combination of R & R and Wendy’s gentle, comforting approach has truly worked miracles in my life, I will always feel immeasurable gratitude to her. J 2015

This technique is fast and effective, I am so glad I came across R & R, I now use it at any time when I notice I am being pulled by my emotions or beliefs, Its been life changing. W 2015