Scaler Wave Lasers

I was originally born in Portsmouth, Hampshire in England, and later in my early twenties moved to Cheshire where I stayed for 25 years, In 2009 I moved back to Portsmouth re establishing my healing work in the South of England. I was a sickly child, having many challenges throughout my early life with allergies & intolerances which were not diagnosed, I had an accident at an early age which caused damage to my spine, being dyslexic which also was not acknowledged until half way through my schooling, this created much stress and anxiety.

My soul was looking for answers! in my mid twenties I started to receive them.

I suffered daily headaches as I was growing up, it became normal! part of my life! I was going through a particulally bad phase when someone suggested I visit a physiotherapist who was also a hands on healer, I was in a lot of pain so booked an appointment (sceptically) 2 visits in one week, and I started the journey of my new life. I had regular healing sessions for a while and was encouraged to take the steps to enhance my own capabilities as a healer which had been dormant through fear since a child.

**You can read MY PROFILE on this web site to bring my journey up to 2013.**

In 2013 my neck and back became painful again 20+ years after I saw my healer man, headaches started to build again, my yoga and healing helped, what was my body trying to tell me? where was my journey about to take me now?

I opened myself up to possibilities, 2 things came, ALOE VERA a healing plant, I know of its properties, used it externally but never internally, a company dropped in my lap, I started to drink it, and I now sell  the whole range of aloe vera. Anyone wishing to know more about aloe do feel you can contact me for a chat.

The second was the lasers, I was sceptical, I had met with a couple in London, casually swopped emails, they came to my health and wellbeing event in Portsmouth, my pain was increasing, we bumped into each other yet again some time later and I was encouraged to see if the lasers would help, 2 days after using them my headaches started to reduce and as I worked with the lasers my headaches became less and then went away.

If I feel tense, I pop the laser on unwind, the interesting thing is, the doctor sent me for an x ray around the same time, I have moderately severe damage to my c6 & c7, a mention of surgery in the future was not an enticing idea to me!

The cold lasers that I have which are FDA approved, are said by their producers to donate protons which increase adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production into the energy of your cells.

I can use the scaler wave units independently for unwinding and reducing tension in the body, or with light probes which I can attach to work at varying levels in my body. So if I want to work on skin and soft tissue or muscle and nerve I will use one probe, I will use another on my knee, helping to regenerate bone, which more scans show have been shaved away by an operation I had years ago, but interestingly since using the combination of lasers and other techniques I have gathered, I have been able to start playing sport again.

I believe after using the lasers on myself and learning more about their capabilities I am able to offer the best I can in all I do for my whole being at this time, and in the process offer all I can for my clients whether they come for physical, emotional, mental or spiritual wellbeing. I have grown into myself over many years, I have had and experienced many amazing life changing adventures, I am now closer to the real me than I have ever been and I am still emerging, The butterfly in me escapes from its cocoon more of the time now, and in those expansive moments I am free.

I offer 30 minute or 1 hour sessions with the lasers and 1 hour sessions for bespoke therapy with or without the lasers.

What other people say:

I was diagnosed with enlarged prostrate, and was having balance issues also.

Wendy used the lasers on my prostrate over a period of 5 weeks and also used her Emm-Tech techniques for re balancing my body. After this time I noticed a change in my prostrate and tests showed my prostrate reduced!

I now go to Wendy when ever I feel I need some support.

Thank you.