Lemurian Crystal Healing

Lemuria a civilisation existing before Atlantic, highly developed spiritual beings connected to the matrix of all dimensions of consciousness who accepted their connection to higher planes of existence.

Connected to the heart and pure love, they worked with Lemurian crystals to heal and expand others awareness and knowing of thier cosmic and earth connection.

Each healing is unique to the individual using various Lemurian crystals which have been found in remote locations in areas such as Brazil & the Tibetan hills of the Himalayas.

Whilst healing with these crystals they are said to connect into the individuals energy field, which in turn connects with the earth/cosmic magnetic field, balancing and awakening the individuals connection.

Each crystal as well as embodying angelic and cosmic energy has physical ladder like striations which are unique to these crystals.

Sessions are one hour long and can be incorporated with Wendy’s own chakra cards which can be used with a healing where required which increases the session to 1 1/2 hours.


The pure love of the Lemurians vibration is awakening on the planet at this time raising the consciousness of humanity.

I offer this course over 6 weeks giving time to integrate the healing energy through attunements and meditations.

You will learn about the Lemurians from your left brain practical experience as well as your right brain heartfelt intuitional experience. Balancing and awakening your own personal spiritual connection to this energy.

Crystals are available to purchase at the start of the course.

Booking is essential as these courses are held in small groups creating a comfortable and personal experience.

To book telephone: 0798 968 310