What is Biontology therapy. 

The best way to really understand how Biontology works is to experience a treatment !

We are made of light, they say the cells in your body emit  100,000 light impulses a second! these light particles have different frequencies.

When we are fully “in our light” we radiate and people say things like “wow your looking great” or “your looking so radiant today”!

When our light is dim and the organs in the body are not functioning well, we can feel the difference, our immune system drops and we become unwell.

By testing on points on the hands and feet, the Chiren machine registers the light in the body via the meridian and acupressure points, when chaotic light is detected, it can be tested against a counter signal to an ailment to determine whether that information brings the light emission back to a coherent pattern.

With the Chiren machine we test via the hands your small and large Intestines, heart, hormonal system, nervous system, lungs, lymphatic system, circulation & arteries, allergy points and veins.

Biontology instrument working with hands

On the feet we test for chaotic light in the Kidneys, bladder, gallbladder, stomach, liver, spleen, pancreas, and skin.

Biontology instrument working with the feet

By testing these points on the hands and feet, the chiren machine registers the light in the body via these meridian and acupressure points, when chaotic light is detected which is usually causing an issue, it can be tested against one of thousands of programmed remedies in the Chiren to determine whether that information brings the light emission back to a coherent pattern.

We then work to correct the disturbance of chaotic light  by neautralising. As the frequencies tested are inverted frequencies of disturbances, as 2 inverted frequencies neautralise each other , the disturbance is counter balanced. Biontology works hand in hand with Homeopathy.

Biontology hand rods working to neautralise chaotic light once the disturbance is found.

As we work to balance the body, it is then more able to take over with its own natural immune system function.

Foot plates used to add homeopathic supports

Tests can also be done to see what effect medicines & vitamins/minerals etc are having on specific organs in the body.

I also hold the 39 English Bach & 50 Australian Bush remedies for immediate purchase whenever required. (no waiting for orders to arrive) These flower frequencies can be administered via the light of the Chiren machine or made into bottles to take away.

CLIENT TESTIMONIALS: (in their own words)

I went to Wendy after hearing about Biontology from someone else and looked on u tube to find out how it worked. I have been suffering with back pain for a long time and nothing seemed to work! Wendy asked me some background about my  problem, when it started she was very thorough and soon put me at ease. She tested my hands and feet with the feed back device which let my body tell her what was going on by way of sound. I was amazed about the information she seemed to be accurate about by listening to the feedback from the meridian and acupuncture points.  My first session was 2 3/4 hours long, I was given 2 treatments in that time and told to drink lots of water. that week was a little strange because I could feel things going on in my body, this is difficult to describe! I went back the second week, and she tested what had changed in my body and did another 2 treatments, this lasted about  2  1/2 hours.

By week three the pain was much less in fact sometimes not there at all, the pain killers I had been taking I stopped, and we agreed to see what happened the following week. I started to feel better not only  with my back but my stomach too as Wendy was working to balance my whole system , my eating habits started to change and the irritation I sometimes felt around my digestive system improved.    

I am so pleased with the results after 5 weeks I feel like I can start enjoying myself again.

Thank you Wendy for your support and incredible knowledge.    


May 2017

I was very I’ll for many years and was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia in December 2015.

My journey has been somewhat a minefield, from Consultants who don’t believe it exists and who suggested i loose weight to cheer myself up.

On my dark days wondering if I’d ever be able to function again or have my life back.

We are brought up to believe that Doctors know everything and that you take a tablet and that will make you better.  Oh how wrong you can be, sometimes the very things we are taking to make us better are the very things that are making us worse.

So in my search for finding a cure I’ve realised that you need to heal your mind body and soul.

This is where Wendy comes in and through healing and joining her Reiki share group I’ve done a lot of work on my mind and soul.

Wendy brought the chiren machine and asked would I be interested in having this treatment.  I felt that this was the last piece of the jigsaw for me and started in February.

When starting on this journey I’d advise you go into this with a positive attitude as this helps greatly.

Please be aware that at first you may feel worse before you start to get better.

For me this transpired in uncontrollable crying and long periods of sleep which after 72 hours after the first session subsided and was able to function again.

After a few sessions I was able to start coming off lyrica which when starting the treatment was on 200mgs 3 times a day to nothing now.

That it itself is a great thing, I’m now on no pain killers either and in the last 2 weeks have been able to return to work after 18 months not working.

Juliette is now back even better than before, I’m no longer a suffer of a chronic illness but back ready for all that life has install for me, thank you does not sound enough to say to you Wendy, you’ve given me my life back  and I’ll never be able to express my appreciation for that.

How much better can it get    


May 2017??

Wendy came to my home in Shropshire soon after she had finished her initial Biontology training. I had arranged for several people to be treated. I was surprised at the changes I experienced – immediate improvement in wobbly feelings on getting up and able to walk uphill at a reasonable speed without feeling out of breath. I had not mentioned these problems to Wendy so the change was ONLY due to Biontology.
Wendy was professional in her approach and thorough in her application.            

I would recommend her to anyone.    


May 2017

I was not in a great place starting to suffer with more pain caused by Osteo arthritis particularly in my fingers, which always becomes worse in the winter months. I went to see Wendy in August before it got too cold hoping to alleviate the worsening aches around the finger joints and had 5 treatments with her. I was very surprised at the quick relief, and to date still feel a lot better. The biontology is something I will look too in the future if I need.    


Sept 2017

I had heard Wendy mention Biontology but did not know what it was all about. Another person in our share class had experienced good results from having treatment, so I had some sessions regarding my aches, pains & hormones. I was surprised that it was non invasive & quite interesting to learn that childhood vaccinations, medications, fillings in your teeth etc can have a massive impact on your health.

My first session took close to 3 hours as Wendy tested me, and I was shocked to find out I was more out of balance than I thought. I had been having what I thought was IBS symptoms in my stomach, really embarrassing gas & pain. Wendy found several bacteria’s & poor flora that had been causing the problems, once she neutralised the bad flora with the good flora I had instant relief, this did take a few sessions for her to work out as the testing gives her the direction she needs to go in, to find the correct protocol to programme into the machine. The body itself will let her know what she can detoxify from the system at one time.

I had a reoccurring pain in my neck from a whiplash in a car accident, Wendy was able to use the light rods to close the tear in my ethereal layer in my aura and held the lights to my neck for a few minutes and the pain subsided.

My hormones have been more balanced since the biontology, unfortunately having polysistic ovarian syndrome I am limited to the pill I can take, Wendy was able to test the pill & it showed it was putting out of balance my pineal & pituitary gland, so I saw my GP & there was another pill I could take, but when this one was tested it was also unbalancing my heart & lungs so it was better to revert back to the original pill I had taken for years.

I also noticed I was having water retention in my feet & hands before seeing Wendy, over a few sessions this dissipated.

I also had another intimate issue which I do not want to name, Wendy has tried very hard to rectify this for me & whilst it has improved by putting in liver cell supports it’s not cured it.

I also had a dysfunctional pelvis which caused hip pain & lower back pains, it sounds like I needed to be put down… lol but too many of us just struggle on with these day to day issues without seeking alternative help. The last few sessions Wendy has put in some back supports & I have had good results, I am nearly pain free in my back & had instant relief in my hip.

I had 11 sessions, it has been really eye opening to find out what has been causing the symptoms & worth every penny to have relief & feel healthier. There is no guarantee that you only have a few sessions as we are all different. I would definitely recommend Wendy as a practitioner, she is caring, knowledgeable in her field and genuinely wants to help people. I cannot thank her enough for introducing the biontology to me. God bless her.                           


October 2017

Wendy recommended biontology to me after I told her about an ongoing medical condition I have. After explaining what biontology is and how it works I thought it sounded really interesting & thought it would be a good thing to try.  I’m really glad I did, as after 3 sessions it has definitely made an improvement to my condition. It hasn’t eradicated it, but neither of us expected that to happen, as an operation I had years ago was quite invasive and involved cutting nerves! *

There have been other benefits also, as it seems to have balanced out my mind quite a bit & I feel like I have become more assertive in the way I approach things, it is really difficult to explain & as mentioned the best way to describe it for me is it has balanced things out.

I feel like it has also helped me in not holding back & I feel I can say what is on my mind in a situation where before I may have avoided speaking my mind. I am glad this has happened and it has led me to some pretty funny/awkward outcomes which is good!. I would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone.


November 2017

I booked an appointment with Wendy for a biontology appointment as I had tried various treatments with the eczema on my left ankle.  It was very red and weeping and was beginning to spread up my leg.

Wendy was very welcoming and explained the procedure and asked about me and my health concerns and how she was going to use the machine on my hands and feet on the meridian points.  The sessions are quite long 2 hours plus, but it is very in depth to explore not just your concern, but other areas of your body.  It is to me a whole body tune up.  I was very comfortable throughout and fascinated by the whole experience and finding out what parts of my body were out of balance.

Wendy checked how some injections I had when I was younger may have been impacting my eczema .

I had 3 appointments and after the first one felt very tired and relaxed.  I drank loads of water throughout the treatment and continued after as well.

My ankle has some minimal scarring and that is fading each day.  I am very pleased with the result and you cannot ask for better than that.

I would recommend this treatment and Wendy wholeheartedly.


Dec 2018