My spiritual aspect came knocking on my door in the early 90’s when life although good, with family and two beautiful children, a thriving business and good friends, just seemed like there was something missing, I could not make sense of it, except there was a growing feeling of unease and lack of direction.

I had always suffered from headaches every day of my life from being a child, this was then very normal for me, but physically other than the headaches I was fit and kept active with sport and everyday life.
For all intents and purposes I should have been happy and content, but the more I tried to ignore my feelings the stronger they became. I started to be drawn to read spiritual literature and started reviewing my history. I realised on further investigation there were healers on both sides of the family, but thought no more about it, getting on with life as I knew it, and how it had grown to be.

Eventually I became ill. Physically my body was telling me to stop and because I had not listened enough my body decided to take its own action. My body decided to stop me running and playing sports. In desperation I went to see a complementary therapist / healer who a friend had recommended. I was very skeptical and did not know what to expect, as I had never been to any type of complementary therapist before.
After two sessions in the same week my pain was much eased, but what surprised me more than anything was my headaches were gone!

This was the start of my colourful journey.  Now some three decades later. I have come a long way on my path, learning and gathering knowledge as I pass each winding lane.

I have enjoyed the roads- some have been difficult and some very smooth. I have met many friends on my journey. Some are still with me and others branched off into their own walks of life.

Over time I have gathered many strings to my bow.

Firstly I worked with a natural clairvoyant who’s ability as a psychic and a healer was a good grounding for my later work.

Then came more focus on healing work. It seemed very natural. I worked under the protection and guidance of a gentle man who worked with the Spiritual National Union. This continued for some years and at the same time I was working with earth energy and shamanic healing.

I then chose to work for four years on experiencing and understanding physical phenomena. This was important for me, not only for the results and learning but for the strength and control of energy, and the greater understanding of dimensions.

I decided as my client base expanded that it was important to understand the person as a whole. Spiritually I was well on my way but I felt I needed to relate to a person in mind, body, and spirit

I chose to join the National Federation of Spiritual Healers, and to continue with my healing.  I added Reiki into the mix, and after 7 years Reiki study became a master healer, then master/teacher carefully following the traditions of Dr Mikao Usui.  I wanted to experience all types of vibration of energy, which I started to understand in a more in depth way.  4 years more study & I achieved my Counselling diploma  which helped me to focus on other areas of the whole person, both emotionally and mentally.

My work was focused within a hospice and the mental health area. I was honoured to work closely with a wonderful supervisor with many years experience who guided me when needed, (as I was working with many difficult areas of people’s lives such as).
Bereavement & loss
Emotional, mental & physical abuse
Anorexia, Bulimia, & weight issues
Self harm
Drug & Alcohol related difficulties
Panic attacks
Behaviour issues
Relationship issues
Those with low self esteem & lack of confidence
Confusion in life

More and more of my work at this time was starting to overlap. I was able to offer far more to my clients than just counselling or just healing, all the complementary therapies were coming together. Some people came with one problem and would then start to bring in other areas of themselves to look at; things they really had not necessarily noticed before, but all of a sudden their lives were becoming a little clearer. Clients began to realize that certain patterns of existence affecting their everyday lives need not stay the same. Many  clients coming to me for one thing, would build up trust & confidence to come back to do more core work with themselves, always knowing they would be treated with respect and understanding, have protection and confidentiality.  I would always be truthful and congruent but with empathic grace.

My wise self was always trying to relate to all aspects of my clients being, and focusing where most needed.
To keep fit in the later years I chose to take up yoga & pilates. This was good for my energy fitness and agility. I travelled a little and learned more about my inner breath and movement, exploring the hills in far of climbs of the Himalayas, India & Egypt, and  became more at one with myself, nature, with all that is.

I had from my earlier experiences been amazed with the minds ability to store information in various areas of our brain, and as I had started to experience past & future memories since my time as a trainee healer, I decided that it was perhaps time to explore further my understanding of past life regression and future life progression.

I found a wonderful teacher whom I felt comfortable with straight away and over a period of time took my diploma in past life regression and teacher training in Meditation. These were added to my bag, and I started classes for meditation and relaxation. Often when clients had come to me on a one to one basis, they then liked to add the meditation classes as an extra, this gave a lot of people the opportunity to meet like minded individuals, which stopped them feeling so isolated on their individual journeys. It’s a great way to meet new friends.

These progressed on to healing courses for those clients that wished to learn more about self healing. Some clients wanted to start channelling healing to family and friends. As I had qualified as a full healer member with  the NFSH, and also qualified as a Reiki Master/teacher some time before, I was able to offer Reiki courses and attunements, to those who wished to follow that path. It is always a great honour to attune those people who are ready to follow the healing path, and I always feel so humble when people feel I am the right teacher for their needs.

My journey was by no means over having studied some Neuro Linguistic Programming, & continually learning more in my healing, and having constantly worked on my continued growth. I had the fortune of settling down in my old home of Portsmouth, with my loving husband.

Here I was encouraged to study Kinesiology level 1,2,&3 then qualified in Emm-tech which is a technique which works on relaxing the muscles offering release of physical pain, this then helps movement and blood flow in the body.

I expanded my tool bag once again by studying and qualifying in the Lemurian crystal attunement and teacher training course adding this to expand my healing and teaching, and was drawn to add another healing modality to my work as a Rahanni celestial practitioner & then teacher. I  expanded my work still further with the scaler wave cold lasers, and at a similar time progressed through various levels with ongoing courses to practitioner level with reflective repatterning, a fast effective approach to neautralising conflict and balancing emotions. This has then led on to my practitioner training course in Access Bars which is a story in itself, These teachings broadened  my awareness to many more possibilities which then led me to “Bionotology”. My training in this bio feedback system working with the photon highways connects me to all parts of a clients body.  I am finding this incredibly powerful for clients who may have been struggling for years with aliments where other treatments may not be so effective.

My study alongside all the above winds its way to my love of plants where I  studied to achieve my Master herbalist diploma (phytotherapy) and increasing my emm-tech training by taking 2 modules in Emmett.

We come to the present day, whats happening NOW!

As I mentioned toward the beginning COLOUR has also been a large part of my healing life, working exploring and actually my “very first” teaching  workshop was about Colour.

I felt I wanted to create a healing modality that worked on ALL aspects of self, I had learnt many modalities that worked on different levels of the whole being but felt their was something missing! Would I always need to have one therapy that was good for one aspect and another therapy for another aspect. As my work unraveled I created COLOUR PRISM HEALING, this is still ongoing and we are constantly evolving with this healing, and I am thankful to have some wonderful healers exploring this energy with me.

Thank you for reading my story, I hope you found it interesting. Now you know more about me, I open my door to you if you feel I may be able to help you on your journey.

I would be delighted to speak to you on the telephone or via e.mail, if you think I can help you.

I feel I am able to bespoke my work to each individual that comes to me, helping to create physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being.


I was invited onto SOUTHERN SPIRITUAL RADIO to be guest for two hours talking about my work, and invited back a week later to present a meditation I had written and adapted for radio.

On meeting the host of  THE FEEL GOOD FRIDAY SHOW, I was invited onto EXPRESS FM RADIO for an hour discussing conditioning in August 2011.


I was invited onto the NO MEN ALOUD television show hosted by Sally Cronin discussing Anti-depressants and complementary therapy in September 2011.

I returned in October for another visit to the pragramme offering a Counsellors perspective on Relationship Issues.


The News created a 3 page article called”Family life” headlined “Its been like looking for a needle in a haystack” focusing on diet, health and complementary therapy in February 2013.

The News presented, “Wendy Townsend wellbeing events to show off therapies” which followed in May 2013.


I was invited to write an article on “Journeys” for the Holistic Therapist Magazine, issue 16 covering the Oct/Nov/Dec 2015 addition.

Wendy Townsend

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