Past Life Regression

This therapy touches at the heart

Helping you to understand yourself at a core level

The root cause of our problems cannot always be found in this lifetime, Past life therapy could help with

Weight – low confidence – relationships – depression – anxiety – Nightmares – fears & phobias – allergies – pain & illness – anger

With the guidance of relaxation and imagery, the empathic understanding of a qualified counsellor and healer, I offer you the opportunity to look further than this lifetime.

To explore the possibilities of realising more of yourself than you knew before.

Opening the doors to past and future.

Allowing the mind to release itself from held patterns and beliefs that are of no use to you in the here and now.

Encouraging you to move on in this lifetime in a more positive focused way

If you are ready to explore your inner self and realise your ‘ TRUE POTENTIAL’

For further information contact Wendy Townsend – 07989 680310

I look forward to receiving your call

*When I went to Wendy mainly out of curiosity to experience a regression I had no idea that it would be such a life changing event for me. My experience changed my way of thinking and being and I lost my fear of dying which I did not realise was overshadowing me in much of what I did from day to day, A big thank you Wendy for opening my eyes and giving me a special freedom I cannot describe.



*Since experiencing regression I am so much calmer, life seems to be easier since I experienced and cleared a trauma which was effecting my life, I let go of what was holding me back and it really feels like I let go of a very large weight from my shoulders, I would have no hesitation in recommended Wendy to others.



To book an appointment in the strictest confidence telephone: 07989 680310