Access Consciousness ®



Access bars is a technique which when holding various points on the head (32) all together we can connect with stored THOUGHTS, IDEAS, BELIEFS, CONSIDERATIONS, EMOTIONS, AND ATTITUDES that you thought were important in your lifetime!

When you have your BARS run, it’s like hitting the delete button on your computer! The stuff you have been storing lifetime after lifetime gets deleted so they don’t AUTOMATICALLY come up again and again.

The brain waves slow down when you get your Bars run allowing behaviour patterns, belief systems, points of view that you have been running from childhood or other lifetimes to be accessed, becoming more present in your life.

Past stops being projected into the future the same way, changing the probabilities of future possibilities.

The bars are about the body learning to receive, TRUE receiving is when the body is allowed to have choice about what you hold onto.

When you are willing to function from more consciousness you begin to open the doors to all healing.

Science tells us the shape of your cells actually becomes more elliptical when they are influenced by THOUGHTS, FEELINGS and EMOTIONS which is the first step to DIS-EASE.    When you get your BARS run it unlocks this impact on the cells allowing the cells to return to their more spherical shape facilitating ease in the body.
The founders say: “Worst case scenario you feel like you’ve had a great massage, best case scenario your whole life can change.”


There are 60+ body processes which are a combination of hand on body touch and clearing statements.

The body process helps to connect with the infinite being you truly be, not just the physical body which is too small to house all your infinite being! It also helps to open your body( a sensorial organism) to your infinite possibilities, & work with the awareness that your body is constantly picking up from the world.

Imagine if the pain you pick up is just an awareness that your body is trying to tell you something & that you are not willing to hear it? As access put it: Contracting (ie pain) instead of expanding as the fullness of space.

A body process is a  1 1/2 hour booking session, and sometimes the body does not want to stop receiving 🙂 The body is unique to you and every “BODY” needs something different, so why not ask it? What body process would your body ask for if we asked your body? ( there are some body testimonials below the access therapy ones)

What others say about Access therapy:

As soon as I read what this therapy was about I had butterflies in my belly as I knew the right time had come to shift and delete past files.

It was another amazing experience I shared with Wendy, clear images and thoughts to delete kept popping up, I was able to see a clear film of my life played backward and got clear messages to delete unwanted files.

I felt a sense of relief and happiness immediately after the session. A few days later and I feel stronger, almost like I can finally stand proud and be who I want to be because I no longer have past thoughts and feelings to keep me locked. Thank you Wendy, I am forever grateful.



I feel I am finally taking responsibility for my own life and reviewing what I want to change, discarding what I don’t need anymore and moving forward.  I am also, finally, taking a good look at myself and being constructive on what I need to change about myself and what I am happy with.

So a huge thank you for all your work, help and support. I still am pinching myself that this is all happening.  Part of me is a little scared of all the fast change, but a big part of me is very excited of all the possibilities.  I just need to work steadily through them to move forward.

So watch this space and if I get a little stuck along the way, I know who I can turn to, to help steer me on my way again.

Thank you so much again Wendy, you are heaven sent! 



After the Access Bars session I have felt a lot grief. But also felt a lot calmer and less hungry. I feel more body aware of tension and aware of energies that are rejecting me. But instead of fighting the rejection I feel in allowance of it.

L.B 2019

What others say about the body process:

I want to thank Wendy for finally allowing me to realise that although I thought I had been listening to my body actually I had quite separated myself from it, treating it as this body that got me from A to B and never really acknowledging its needs, which would then effect me in my entirety. my body had became unmanageable with what I was putting it through on a day to day basis and just throwing a quick fix at it to keep it moving was not working after many years abuse. Wendy gave me back my awareness of the connection with my physical body through the body processes and it was so interesting how the body always chose something that made sense afterwards.

So glad I took the time to do this and stick to it for a few sessions.