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About CPH, developed by Wendy

Colour Prism is a healing modality supporting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of Self through the use of UNIQUE colour sheets which are embedded with sacred geometry.

Handmade pyramids are then used having been infused with Egyptian energies of Metatron, Sekhmet, Isis, Hathor and natures crystals, spirals and earths minerals

A one hour session is wonderful for general well being. We suggest 4 consecutive sessions with a CPH healer to allow a deeper process.

If you choose to experience Colour Prism Healing feel assured that all CPH healers are experienced energy workers that are dedicated to facilitate your healing journey and are fully certificated in their module levels as well as attending monthly support training.

CPH Practitioners

Interested in training?   This healing modality is taught in 4 modules (all individually certificated) with 5th for teacher level. Ideal as a stand alone therapy, or can be integrated by a qualified therapist in other fields.

Colour Prism Healing presentation.

CPH Practitioner Training