Colour Prism Healing Teacher / Training module 5

by invitation only.

14th – 19th September 2020

The beach a short walk from the teacher training retreat 2020

Venues for our retreats are chosen carefully for their facilities to allow quiet tranquil spots for our courses plus the downtime for relaxation and fun in between.

Spa pool at the teacher training retreat 2020

Courses and retreats

CPH Switzerland trip October 2019

Colour Prism Healing international tour in Switzerland held for CPH practitioners level 3 and above.

11th / 12th / 13th October 2019

Sunset. Meditation spot on CPH Switzerland trip October 2019

Colour Prism healing can be taken anywhere in the world, as we explore possibilities. the colour sheets can be used in many versatile ways!

Red colour sheet used for grounding whilst in the air!

Colour Prism Healing presentation

December 2019

Presentation of Colour Prism Healing syllabus and how Biontology is used when testing CPH results. Held throughout the month of December 2019.

Saturday 23rd November 2019 – 11 am till 1 pm

Being held for Wickham healing group.

Venue: Wickham community centre, Mill lane, Wickham, PO17 5AL

I will be presenting Colour Prism Healing with some of my teacher trainers to the Wickham healing group, Talking about this healing modality and offering demonstrations.

EMF clearing capsules

EMF (electric motive force) is created from any electrical or battery operated product, The idea of the EMF clearing capsules is to draw down the EMF’s into the earth when placing single or multiple capsules under the product giving off EMF’s

I am also experimenting with 3 hand made capsules in a triangle placed under the bed whilst you sleep for those suffering with EMF disturbance at night.

EMF clearing capsules are hand made with organic and non organic materials to help draw down EMF’s into the earth so are designed to be placed UNDER a product or sleeping area.

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