Therapy Client Comments

Some client comments who have experienced individual therapies.

* There were very few people and still are, I can truly say from my heart I have ever been able to trust. Wendy is one of those special people. Originally I approached Wendy for a one off Reiki session. This became a regular Wednesday evening slot where she supported me, through a combination of Reiki and counselling, to address a number of issues I had buried away that had quite simply gone in the too difficult to deal with bucket, but were impacting on my day to day life and relationships. Her caring, gentle and most professional manner helped me to come to terms with these issues and release me from the burdens I had chosen to carry. Now I’m free and quite simply the best words for me to say are…thank you Wendy, one very talented lady to whom I can safely say to have you touch my life, has been a privilege. Lisa 2010

* I have known Wendy for many years and during that time as her client she has helped me deal with many issues. She is trustworthy, dedicated and compassionate. I have experienced all the therapies and treatments that she offers and have benefited enormously from her care and professionalism. Avril  2010

* Wendy has helped me with confidence and communication problems. She used affirmation past life regression and future life progression techniques to demonstrate that I could achieve whatever I set out to do. My work and sporting success has increased substantially since I began working with Wendy. I am very pleased with the work she has done with me. Harvey 2010

* After breaking up with my husband I needed someone who would listen to me and empathise with my broken heart. Wendy was amazing and thanks to her counselling techniques I feel strong and happy again with a good sense of the future.  Jessica 2009

*I was spiritually very confused, I didn’t know what I believed in or what I wanted from life. Wendy helped me to sort myself out and removed the negative blocks I had through past life regression. I enjoyed my time with her and the results were incredible. Angela 2009

* After losing my job I didn’t have any direction or ambition. I sought Wendy’s help and within weeks my head was clearer. I was more focussed and self possessed. I began my own business and haven’t looked back. I am very grateful to Wendy for her belief in me. Tony 2009

* Although I had everything I wanted, a family, a loving husband, a nice house, great friends and financial security, I found I couldn’t be happy. Something was missing. I had no feeling of worth. Seeing Wendy was the best thing I ever did. She restored my confidence in my abilities, removed old energy blocks through healing and empowered me through counselling and affirmations. I am much happier now and can appreciate the blessings in my life that I was taking for granted before. Wendy is so flexible with her techniques that I would recommend her to anyone with mild or serious health or mental issues. Grace 2009

* I am a cancer patient. Wendy has helped me to achieve a mental success in fighting my disease. She has helped me to see that I have the ability to fight the disease, that I am not a victim. I feel energised and have much less pain after I have had healing from Wendy. It’s the only time I sleep well. Thank you. Crystal 2009

* After losing my wife I didn’t think that I would enjoy life again. Wendy proved me wrong by giving me therapy, but also kindness and a listening ear. It helped me get through knowing that someone else understood how I felt. She is an angel. Peter 2009

* I visited Wendy with a multitude of blockages, some simple & others complex. The simpler ones like writers block, and cognitive problems which made the crossing of a busy road a near impossibility, Wendy was able to cure immediately. Over time, with her array of techniques, she was also able to tackle the more complex ones so allowing me to face life from a completely different, and much more positive, perspective.  Peter 2016