Past Life Regression – taster evening

PAST LIFE REGRESSION (taster evening) 

Date:   Dates can be arranged for those groups who wish to book a taster session (approx 1  1/2 hours)

Time:  day or evening.

Cost: dependent on group size and travel.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go back in time?

Who you may have been? Where you may have lived?

Not sure whether you believe in reincarnation?

NOW is your chance to find out how you can tap into the part of your brain that allows you to remember past experiences.

This group TASTER session:

* Helps you to have a clearer picture of how the brain works

*How regression may help with fears – phobias – addictions – health issues – allergies – low confidence & more

* Why healing goes hand in hand with regression?

*Experience going back in time to retrieve a positive trait you may have once had and lost, in a safe group environment.

Booking essential due to small groups, creating a comfortable space & personal group experience for you.

What others have thought of the taster evening:

This has really helped me understand how aspects of my mind works, knowledge is power thank you (2011)

Informative and fun, I was amazed how well I managed to relax and what I experienced. (2011)