Meditation Courses

On this page you will find information about the following courses –

  • BEGINNERS MEDITATION (10 week course)
  • LONGEST DAY MEDITATION    (1 day course)
  • MOON MEDITATIONS (4 week course)


Date: 2017 or by arrangement.


Location: Old Portsmouth, Hampshire.

Total cost: £150

Nearly anyone can meditate, and there is a lot of  information available to help you on your way to a more relaxed and calmer way of life.
But where do you start?What is right for you? What techniques should you try? What should you leave behind?

These sessions held over 10 weeks will show you many ways in which to get started, different techniques for you to try. At the end of the course you can make your own choices as to what works for you!

We are all individual so why should meditation be any different?

Booking essential, small groups catered for, creating a comfortable space & personal or group experience for you.

What others have thought of the course / sessions:

Exceeded all expectations – thank you. (2010)

Whether you are just starting on your spiritual journey or have lost your way, Wendy will guide you on to your own personal path and assist you along the way. (2010)

Great introduction to meditation, really enjoyed my time here. (2011)

Never undertaken anything like this before, and exceeded expectations. I have so much to process, I want to consolidate and build on this further. Excellant teaching & very skilled. (2012)

The last 12 weeks have been wonderful, with Wendy’s help I’ve managed to switch my brain off completely and stop focusing on all the unimportant thing’s in life.

I am now equipped with a “tool box” for life, thank you Wendy. (2012)


Date: November 2016


Location: Old Portsmouth

Total cost: £60

This course runs for one and a quarter hours a week over four weeks beginning near to All Saints Day   Each week will focus on one Archangel

Learn about each Archangel and their connection to you

How to connect with them in deep meditation

Working with each Archangel for – Healing – protection – wisdom – personal growth

Tapping into and experiencing the energy of four great Archangels                                                                                                                                                                                                 Booking essential (limited spaces) Some meditation experience helpful but not essential

LONGEST DAY MEDITATION    (1 day course)

Date: June 2017



Location:  Old Portsmouth

What did the Egyptians, Celts, Native Americans, Druids, and Chinese all have in common when celebrating the beginning of summer?       Interested in finding out?

This is your chance to learn about the greater cultural meaning of the longest day of the year.

Also experience a powerful meditation connecting you on the summer solstice to the nature of the sun and earth.

A practical hands on connection with healing herbs.

Booking essential due to small groups, creating a comfortable space & personal group experience for you.

MOON MEDITATIONS (4 week course)

Start date:   July 2016



Location:  Old Portsmouth

This four week course guides you through a whole cycle of the moons phases starting with the new moon…

Each week we learn a little more about the connection we have with the moons cycles and our own way of being, how we can utilize this connection for the benefit of ourselves and the energy of nature around us.

I will be guiding you through deep meditations to help you remember more about your connection with the moon and its energy and the healing power available to you.

Level: Some meditation experience useful but not essential.

Booking essential as classes are held in small groups for a personal experience.

What others have thought of the course:

I really enjoyed the moon meditation course, I found it useful on a theoretical and a practical level, As we progressed through the cycle it was surprising to see how my ideas and intentions began to come to fruition ! Although I had prior knowledge about moon cycles, I was pleased to learn even more on this course. (2012)