Lemurian Crystal Attunement


Date: TBA

Time: by arrangement


Location:  Old Portsmouth

This six week course guides you to connect with the heart based energy of the Lemurians who were an advanced race of high vibrational beings believed to have been on earth before and during the time of Atlantis.  Originally from the Pleiades, they lived on earth expanding the vibrational frequencies of immense love and understanding to all.  It is this connection once again which is being awakened at this time to raise consciousness to humanity.

Each week you receive attunements, integrate the energy vibration and receive any healing required. The Lemurian energy assist in your healing and continuing spiritual development connecting you to a higher frequency unconditional love vibration within self and the universal consciousness. Lemurian seed crystals are used to facilitate the process which are available to purchase on the first session.

Wendy runs these attunements in a buddy system where 2 people can work together learning about the lemurian history, learn hands on lemurian crystal healing, enjoy deep healing meditations & receive 6 attunements. This course is certificated.

What others thought of the course:

May I say I much enjoyed the attunements and very special meditations over the weeks and thank you for your generosity in providing a safe and beautifully energized space in which to receive. Heartfelt gratitude to you also for the gentle and encouraging way in which you conducted each session, it was an embracing experience. (2013)

Thank you from my heart for offering such a worth while course, during the 6 wks I have honestly never felt so intune with my higher self, the attunements raised me to a place from which I could feel my spirit existing in a physical body. Truly magical and life altering. I’ve had a sense of contentment ever since and am now more inspired than ever.  What I felt in your classes reinforced beliefs in myself. (2013)

Booking is essential as these courses are held in small groups creating a comfortable and personal experience – call Wendy on 0798 968 310