Course attendee comments

Some client’s comments who have attended one of Wendy’s courses or workshops.

* A lovely complete at one experience. Made me very deeply relaxed, did not want it to end, I forgot all the worries and stresses of life.  Hope I can carry it on at home, although I know Wendy is here to support me if I need. It made me think about the way I am and how to be more assertive. Very enjoyable and very well taught, loved the talks about experiences of the meditations.  Julie 2009

* Since the course I’ve become more “ordered”, I have new tools to use to help me in my everyday life, releasing the child has stopped me being afraid. I’m stronger, kinder and more confident in a different way. Thank you so much Wendy.  Linda 2009

* I believe in “my energy”now. I now conserve and use correctly, helping me to have much more get up and go. Understanding energy balance and unbalance helps me focus the areas to improve in my life. Meditation is a way to recharge my energies, rebalance and relax me. Great course.    Nigel  2009

* A great workshop from a very knowledgable lady. Wendy’s warm calming presence puts everyone at ease very quickly, and I am so amazed how quickly I relaxed in a group of people I did not know. I’ve made lots of new friends so not only have I learnt a lot and come out with a slightly different view of life, but I’ve got a new group of friends I socialize with. Thank you I’m so glad I made the effort.  Eve 2009

*The weekend of guided self empowerment and group meditation was an emotive and enlightening experience that was thoroughly appropriate and facilitated the needs of all involved. Wendy spiritually (and professionally) guided us as a group of individuals on a 2-day journey of self discovery; clearing paths of blocks and resistance that weeded out unwanted beliefs through a range of exercises and meditations.

These exercises and meditations were at times illuminating and each individual through compassion and growing awareness gained an invaluable understanding of choosing to take personal responsibility and learning who they/we really are.

This course was the start of my spiritual pathway. It taught me new tools that have enhanced my sense of well-being and allowed me to better manage my own expectation by being true to myself. Thank you Wendy and all the group. Matt 2014