EMF clearing capsules (set of 3) quote code 102 cost £20 postage £5 in UK or collection.

EMF clearing capsules

EMF clearing capsule (set of 3) quote code 101 Cost £20 delivery £5 in UK or collection.

Star Tetrahedron

Star tetrahedron
Star tetrahedron
“Star tetrahedron” advantages of working with this Platonic Solid. Inner vision Truthful communication Third eye / throat chakra Light Enhancing Merkaba activity. Handmade one of a kind by Wendy Townsend Quote 1004 – SOLD
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EMF clearing capsules

EMF (electric motive force) is created from any electrical or battery operated product, The idea of the EMF clearing capsules is to draw down the EMF’s into the earth when placing single or multiple capsules under the product giving off EMF’s

I am also experimenting with 3 hand made capsules in a triangle placed under the bed whilst you sleep for those suffering with EMF disturbance at night.

EMF clearing capsules are hand made with organic and non organic materials to help draw down EMF’s into the earth so are designed to be placed UNDER a product or sleeping area.

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