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About CPH, developed by Wendy

A NEW Healing modality supporting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects through the use of UNIQUE colour cushions and sacred geometry embedded with natural crystals. Drawing on mapping of Egyptian energy, working with all chakra’s of the system, this healing modality is taught in 4 modules with a 5th for teacher level.

If you choose to experience Colour Prism Healing feel assured that all CPH healers are experienced energy workers that are dedicated to facilitate your healing journey and are fully certificated in their module levels as well as attending monthly support training.

CPH Practitioners

Interested in training?   This healing modality is taught in 4 modules (all individually certificated) with 5th for teacher level. Ideal as a stand alone therapy, or can be integrated with other therapies.

CPH Courses


I developed Colour Prism Healing, a new modality, in 2017
Over the last 25 years I have qualified in a wide range of counselling and complementary therapies including:

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As a passionate healer with 25+ years experience, one of my joys in life is seeing change and balance in those who come for therapy.

Are you ready for change in your life?

contact Wendy on 07989 680310
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Handmade items

A selection of items that are for sale, each unique and handmade by Wendy

EMF clearing capsules (set of 3) quote code 102 cost £20 postage £5 in UK or collection.