I am a qualified person centred counsellor, offering a confidential service based in Old Portsmouth Hampshire.

An example of some past counselling experience

Bereavement       Loss     Depression      Anorexia      Self Harm      Drug and alcohol addiction.

Low self esteem & confidence issues     Panic attacks      Emotional/ mental/sexual abuse. 

Relationship issues       Behavioral issues    Pattern changes         Spiritual confusion.

Weight issues           Bullying         Wanting to be listened too!

Understanding the needs of each individual client are varied and unique.

With this is mind I offer all my skills in the counselling room.  This would include other areas I am qualified in, if you should choose.

I feel this offers each client a whole package of tools to tap into, creating a higher and often quicker end result.

Counselling sessions would usually be one hour.  

A maximum of six sessions of counselling or complementary therapy are offered initially. This does not mean everyone will need six sessions, or if very deep issues are raised that six sessions would be enough!



Location:  Portsmouth, Hampshire.
Cost:  £255.00 plus £95 per module  which includes full set of colour sheets on module 1 and pyramids on module 2/3.

Some accommodation available on a first come first served basis.

Presentations on the syllubus and module format  can be arranged for those who are interested in the course. Want to know more about this exciting new healing?  do contact Wendy.


MODULE 1  ( 12 hours over 2 days)

Dates: Saturday/Sunday 27th/28th April  2019

Support day / Saturday 15th June  2019

Further dates planned in 2020 / contact for further details.

MODULE 2  ( 12 hours over 2 days)

Dates: Saturday/Sunday 2019

Support day / Saturday  2019

Further dates planned in 2020 / contact for further details.

MODULE 3  ( 12 hours over 2 days)

Dates: Saturday/Sunday 23rd/24th February 2019

Support day / Saturday 13th March  2019

MODULE 4  ( 12 hours over 2 days)

Dates: Autumn 2019

Support day:  Autumn 2019

If you are interested in colour and wish to learn a unique way of bringing colour & healing together, which has been results tested by my team & finely tuned.  Modules stand alone or can be added to, up to module 5 (teacher training level)

Each module is taught over 2 days, with a follow up support day.

Please ask for course syllabus.

This unique healing modality is an exciting NEW way of working with colour, and adds knowledge and hands on practice to healers or new practitioners alike.

Each module has training notes & is fully certificated for insurance on completion of each modules support day.

Practitioners from module one and above are also offered support through monthly shares.

Held in small groups for maximum support to each individual.

The quality accommodation if required is in a unique location close to the beach or walking etc, with local eateries  all close to hand.

For further information contact Wendy Townsend.


My spiritual aspect came knocking on my door in the early 90’s when life although good, with family and two beautiful children, a thriving business and good friends, just seemed like there was something missing, I could not make sense of it, except there was a growing feeling of unease and lack of direction.

I had always suffered from headaches every day of my life from being a child, this was then very normal for me, but physically other than the headaches I was fit and kept active with sport and everyday life.
For all intents and purposes I should have been happy and content, but the more I tried to ignore my feelings the stronger they became. I started to be drawn to read spiritual literature and started reviewing my history. I realised on further investigation there were healers on both sides of the family, but thought no more about it, getting on with life as I knew it, and how it had grown to be.

Eventually I became ill. Physically my body was telling me to stop and because I had not listened enough my body decided to take its own action. My body decided to stop me running and playing sports. In desperation I went to see a complementary therapist / healer who a friend had recommended. I was very skeptical and did not know what to expect, as I had never been to any type of complementary therapist before.
After two sessions in the same week my pain was much eased, but what surprised me more than anything was my headaches were gone!

This was the start of my colourful journey.  Now some three decades later. I have come a long way on my path, learning and gathering knowledge as I pass each winding lane.

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Wendy has her counselling/healing room in Old Portsmouth, Hampshire.

It is a short walk from the main Portsmouth Harbour train station.

There are buses that run close by and ample parking for those who choose to arrive by car.

The Isle of Wight ferry is very close, for those travelling from the island.

For those who are travelling from afar we offer accommodation to allow for rest between sessions and travelling.

These can be booked through airbnb, please do contact me before booking so we can organise appointment times to coincide.


Contact Wendy Townsend by

Telephone 0798 968 0310

or email wendy.townsend@virginmedia.com